Method of Teaching Diagnosis and Improvement Integrating Quality Control Concept

Ching-yen Ho, Long-gen Li, Song-feng Wan


This paper proposes that the method of diagnosing and improving production and quality in the business community is applied to teaching diagnosis and improvement. Let teaching diagnosis and improvement be more concrete and practical rather than formalized in the slogans and words, without knowing how to implement it. And the method proposed in this paper is compared with the eight-step strategy such as knowing how to do, investigating (checking up) the real reasons, analyzing problems, confirming the problems needed to be improved, assuring advance in improvement, understanding the status, modulating the actions, and checking up the method. Results show that there are more concrete practice mode of operation for the method of teaching diagnosis and improvement proposed in this paper. Teaching improvement with the rolling continuous improvement concept makes the teaching quality refinement more sophisticated, perfect and then perfect.


Quality control concept, Teaching improvement, Teaching diagnosis


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