The Exploration of Deepening Teaching Model of Professional Courses by Engineering Application Guidance

Biao WANG, Feng JI, Teng-da ZHANG, Hao-jie XIA, Yong ZHANG


As the strong engineering application background of professional course knowledge in the teaching process of measurement and control and photoelectric majors, it is meaningful to guide and improve the ability of understanding the relationship of theory and instances by using the real engineering application instances. Based on concrete structure system and self-operation measurement of the instances, its comprehensive principle and structure characteristics will be analyzed with the studied knowledge, then students can draw up technical parameters, and design the desired specific mechanical structure, circuit and the measurement and control software. Through the practical teaching exploration, the teaching model of engineering application not only can guide the students to think and solve problems in a practical way, but also can further stimulate students’ own imagination and creativity, which could deepen the students understanding and mastering the knowledge of professional courses and engineering application and build a good foundation for future work and further study. 工


Engineering Application, Guidance, Teaching Model, Professional Course


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