Spiritual Testament of Polish Centenarians Addressed to Future Generations

Jolanta Mackowicz, Joanna Wnek-Gozdek


The paper presents reflections of Polish centenarians about fundamental principles and values they would like to pass on to future generations. The research was conducted as a collective case study (Stake, 2009) with an in-depth interview (IDI) The study covered 18 cases of individuals aged 100-107. The most important message for future generations can be summed up as an encouragement to preserve basic values and a sense of moral responsibility for social inequalities in the world. In this intergenerational message, warnings about the future are very important: with war memories still in mind, centenarians oblige younger generations to live as history commands. Not everyone will build a home that will serve next generations. Not everyone will write a book... But each of us can pass on to another person what is the most human and divine... Each of us can leave a testament of noble patterns, ideas and values, that make people happier. Antoni Bochniarz (Polish psychotherapist)


Cultural transmission, Inter-generational message, Centenarians, Life wisdom of the oldest, Spiritual testament


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