Reasons the Tournament Weighed Heavily in Chivalric Culture

Yi-wei WANG


In the study of chivalric culture, tournament is one of the important links that should not be neglected. As a paramount part in chivalric culture, the tournament owns a crucial position and it triggers many scholars to conduct more researches that can assist them to know more about the chivalric culture. This essay is aiming at examining the reason why tournament can be so important in chivalric culture and finding sources to prove them. The methods of examination are basically through reading the material and comparing the same tournament in different sources. Through this way, the problem of why tournament can weigh heavily is wished to be explained clearly. The reasons could be divided as political reason, economy reason, reason for the nobles and the romantic emotions. Especially the last reason could not be neglected.


Tournament, Chivalry culture, 11-13 century, Women in chivalry world


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