Compare and Contrast the Queen of Late Anglo-Saxon England and Early Norman England

Yi-wei WANG


After William the conqueror took the England, the new era of the Normans had started. William’s wife Matilda, as the Queen had helped him enormously. What are the differences in the Anglo-Saxon women? Are there any commons? This article is mainly a comparison between Anglo-Saxon women and early Norman women. To compare the two kinds of women who were living in the same ground at different times, it is expected to know the variation of the roles of the female characters and the transformation of the English society. The methods are reading the relevant materials and comparing the function of the women from the two eras. Through this way, the common and difference of women from the two dynasties are expected to be found and well discussed. Education of women in middle ages was also well-discussed in this article.


The Normans, Anglo-Saxon England, Queen Matilda, William the conqueror


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