The Connotation Analysis of Ambidexterity Strategic Alliance

Yu-quan ZUO


In recent years, it has become a common phenomenon to establish strategic alliances among enterprises. However, due to the contradiction between cooperation and competition among alliance partners, the development of strategic alliance enterprises is in a dilemma. In today's situation, one of the focuses of the enterprise's work is how to have dual capabilities. The second key point is to carry out an effective ambidexterity strategic alliance. The establishment of ambidexterity strategic alliance has become the key to the future of enterprises to obtain adaptive and sustainable competitive advantage. Based on the current theory of strategic alliances and organizational ambidexterity strategy, this dissertation analyzes the ambidexterity strategic alliance from the perspective of learning ambidexterity and innovation ambidexterity, based on the prior variable of context ambidexterity. The conclusion of the study can provide some enlightenment and reflection for the alliance enterprises on how to build an effective ambidexterity strategic alliance.


Strategic alliance, Organizational ambidexterity strategy, Learning ambidexterity, Innovation ambidexterity, Context ambidexterity


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