Systematic Study on Innovative System for Chinese Agricultural Featured Clusters from Low-Carbon Perspective

Zhi-xia ZHOU, Yu-qi WANG


Currently, accompanied by rapid development of Chinese agricultural featured clusters, the cooperative innovation of clusters is increasing rapidly, but there also existed problems under low-carbon circumstances which prohibited the transform and upgrade for clusters. On the basis of analyzing current innovation situation of agricultural featured clusters, from the view of systematic, this thesis analyzed dynamic factors for innovation system of agricultural featured clusters, then, by introducing the triple-helix model of industrial innovation, the thesis constructed innovative system for clusters based on triple helix model. Based on these exploration, this thesis further researched the systems’ actual operation from perspective of systematic dynamics research, thus probed how to strengthen the collaborative innovation of university-cluster-government, so as to accelerate the continuous innovation and development of agricultural featured clusters under the low-carbon background.


Agricultural featured clusters, Low-carbon, Triple-helix model, Systematic dynamics


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