An Analysis of Sports Industry Based on the Perspective of Industrial Chain—Case Study of Tour of Hainan

Chao-nan WU1, Jue WU


Industrial chain analysis is a powerful tool to recognize and judge industrial competitiveness. This paper aims to analyze the factors that influence the competitiveness of sports industry chain and how to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. It takes the International Road Cycling Tour around Hainan Island (hereinafter referred to Tour of Hainan) as an example. With the help of diamond model, it discusses potential competitiveness. Moreover, the author thinks that the competitiveness of the industry chain is mainly affected by six factors. Based on the perspective of industrial chain, this paper uses the BSC strategy map analysis to propose corresponding countermeasures which are for the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure to achieve the goal of becoming the one-hundred event. Since the reform and opening, the disposable income has increased a lot. In the 19th CPC National Congress, the chairman of the People’s Republic of China—Jin-ping XI promoted to speed up the establishment of a sports power. Based on the perspective of industry chain to analyze Tour of Hainan, it has following considerations. First, it is the first major sports event after the 19th CPC National Congress. Second, Hainan Province which has held 12 sessions of Tour of Hainan has made great progress in the sports industry development. Third, the current academic researches on sports events tend to research the organization management and operation, etc. The researches based on the industrial chain are less.


Tour of Hainan, Industrial chain, Sports industry, Diamond model, The BSC strategy map


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