Role Orientations of University Counselors in the New Era: Research Based on Entrepreneurship Education in China

Xiao-jing WU


Entrepreneurship education is a product of education development in the new era. Effectively launching entrepreneurship education can not only relieves the current huge employment pressure in China, promotes economic growth, but also helps universities cultivate innovative talents. However, at present, entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities is still in its initial stage of exploration and there are many problems to be solved urgently. By reviewing the current situation and development trend of entrepreneurship education, this paper elaborates on the significance and the contents of college students 'entrepreneurship education, and analyzes the role of university counselors in entrepreneurship education in detail. In this paper, the author advocates that taking their initiative to adapt to students' entrepreneurship situation, counselors in our colleges and universities should strengthen and improve the entrepreneurship education.


Entrepreneurship education, University counselors, Role orientations


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