An Online Teaching Exploration of “Keeping on Studying while Schools are Closed” in Primary and Middle Schools

Lu ZHAO, Yan-qing GUO


At the background of "Internet +", the online education of primary and middle schools is undergoing profound changes. At the same time, classes are always suspended because of the special cases such as haze, pandemic, earthquake, and storm. It forced online education become the mainstream undoubtedly. The education department and schools need to establish complete coping mechanisms. Teachers, parents and students should prepare in advance. If the suspension of classes happens, they can efficiently use modern educational technology to realize "Keeping on studying while schools are closed." On the basis of summarizing the teaching experience of "Keeping on studying while schools are closed", this paper attempts to adopt a teaching mode: learning new lessons by online teaching, providing resources by teaching platforms, communicating by QQ, Wechat and E-mail at any time, reviewing by micro-class. This teaching mode provides students a "all-round", "all-process" service of online learning and make the "Keeping on Studying while Schools are Closed" in primary and middle schools better.


Primary and middle schools, Teaching exploration, Keeping on studying, Online teaching


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