The Role of Experiential Learning and Proactive Personality in Enhancing Students’ Learning Satisfaction: The Case of Exchange Students in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Brenda ChiehYun Yang, Jose WengChou Wong


This paper aims to improve the understanding of experiential learning among students in the hospitality and tourism industry. Based on existing literatures, this paper identifies four key factors, including experiential learning, proactive personality, employability skills, self-efficacy, and attempts to examine the relationships between the four factors and student learning satisfaction. The proposed hypothetical model is suggested and it would facilitate further research of experiential learning, especially quantitative studies on experiential learning are limited. Also, this paper provides suggestions of the next steps for further research based on the proposed model.


Experiential learning, Proactive personality, Employability skills, Self-Efficacy, Student learning satisfaction, Hospitality and tourism industry


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