Application of Simulation Software in Analog Electronic Technology Teaching



Analog Electronic Technology is a theoretical and practical course, the theory is very abstract and difficult to understand, difficult for students to understand and accept, in order to solve this problem, we have introduced simulation software for teaching, through the simulation software, abstraction The working process of the circuit waveform, images, numbers and other forms of visual, image display in front of students. The article introduces the characteristics of simulation software in the teaching of analog electronic technology, helps to break through the difficulties of classroom teaching, helps to improve students 'interest in learning, and helps to cultivate students' ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. Taking class B and class A and B power amplification circuits as an example, the article presents the students with intuitive waveform simulation through software simulation. The interface is simple and versatile, easy to learn and easy to use, which enhances students' understanding and mastery of circuits and improves teaching effectiveness.


Analog electronic technology, Simulation, Power amplifier


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