The SWOT Analysis and Countermeasures Research of Zhoushan Leisure Fishery under the New Situation

Jun-yue WANG, Wan-zheng AI, Bo-hua HU


To identified weaknesses, played strengths of leisure fishery and disadvantage into advantage, this article taken recreational fishery of Zhoushan as the research object, through basic investigation, combination and new The Measures for the Administration of Zhejiang Province Leisure Fishing Vessel and relevant regulations of recreational fishery in Zhoushan to comprehensively analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and then put the results into the SWTO matrices. At this time, the countermeasures of putting forward reasonable laws, strengthening the guide, improving the management system of leisure fishery, establishing a new talent competition mechanism and exploring various channels were put to develop new patterns and adapt to the new situation from Zhejiang province and the operators. In conclusion, these realize the stable development of Zhoushan’s leisure fishery, provide fishermen more employment opportunities except fishing and alleviate the pressure of the Marine fishery resources and environment.


New situation, Zhoushan city, Leisure fishery, Countermeasures, SWOT


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