Dynamic Simulation of Solar Heating System in Summer and Winter

Hui Shi, Yuming Xing, Xiaozhu Wang


This paper presents a dynamic model of the solar heating system composed by an inclined solar flat collector coupled to heat storage tank. A Matlab/Simulink based model has been developed to predict the instantaneous solar radiation intensity, the outlet temperature of collector working fluid, the tank temperature and the solar energy utilization of the system. As a case study, this paper analyzed the simulation of Beijing area in winter and summer, the results show that 50~60 degree of inclination of collector can receive more energy and that the performance of the heat collector is stable which efficiency is basically stable at 0.65. The results demonstrate that the maximum outlet temperature of the collector was 35.4°C in winter and 71.1°C in summer. Through the daytime heat storage, the temperature of the heat storage tank can reach 55°C in summer, which is 24°C higher than that in winter. The simulation results can predict the operation of the solar system and provide the research foundation for the dynamic simulation of the solar energy as an auxiliary energy system.


solar energy; heat collect and storage; dynamic simulation; Simulink


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