Thermal Circuit Model of Gas-insulated Transmission Line Based on the Finite Element Method

Xu-dong SONG, Yi-lin JIN, Xi-meng ZHU, Jian SUN


Based on the finite element method and thermoelectric analogy theory, the steady-state equivalent thermal circuit model of Gas-insulated transmission line(GIL) is established to calculate the temperature of its tank and conductor, and the transient model is established as well. The losses of tank and conductor are solved by analyzing the electromagnetic field of GIL using the finite element method. Steady-state equivalent thermal circuit model is framed for solving temperature, based on the heat transfer characteristics of GIL. Introducing thermal capacity, transient thermal characteristics of its tank and conductor are solved by simplified transient thermal circuit model. Compared with experimental data and the finite element simulation data, the accuracy of this thermal model of GIL is verified and a theoretical basis is also provide for temperature prediction of GIL.


Gas-insulated transmission line(GIL), The finite element method, Steady-state thermal circuit model, Transient thermal circuit model


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