Stiffness Analysis of General Folding Frame of Mobile Solar Wing of Inverted Type

Ming-shi JI, Yuan XUE


The simulation experiment on the solar wings, under the situation of zero gravity, is an important part of the satellite’s ground work. With the development of space station and deep space exploration technology, the fold-expanding solar wing is being used more frequently, and there are higher requirements for its quality. As a result, the demand of the simulation experiment, which the solar wings worked on the ground with no gravity, also increase. In order to facilitate the comprehensive utilization of the test device, save space and improve the flexibility and speed of the test equipment, a new test device is provided, which is used for the unfoldment of mobile, retractable solar wings, working on the ground under zero gravity. In this paper, the calculation method for stiffness analysis is also given.


Solar wing, Stiffness analysis, Folding frame.


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