A Joint Detection Method for Identifying Pseudo Base Station Based on Abnormal Access Parameters

Jing Shao, Dali Zhu, Hao Jin, Rong Qiao


The attack of pseudo base station is one of the security problems on mobile terminals, which affects normal communications and disguises as legit users for illegal purposes. To prevent pseudo base stations from interfering with users, this paper proposes a joint detection method that can judge pseudo base station. The abnormal access parameters in the process of terminal access to pseudo base station are divided into two categories, one is base station parameters, and the other is terminal parameters. Based on these feature parameters including LAC, CI, RSSI and mobile phone mode, the method concludes algorithm by Naive Bayesian classification. The experiment result shows that the recall rate increases to 70% and the false positive rate decreases to 30%, which means this method is better than traditional ways.


pseudo base station; security; detection; abnormal access; feature parameters


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