A Novel High-precision Single-frequency BeiDou High Kinematic Positioning Algorithm with Pseudo Range and Carrier Phase

Jian-xi YANG, Ya-ping CHI, Chu-ping DAI, Ping XU


High-precision Positioning is one of the key technologies of BeiDou receiver in high dynamic situations. Its implementation requires an optimized and dedicated hardware. The real-time processing places several constraints such as area occupied, power consumption, speed, etc. Using a Hatch filter in a single frequency receiver reduces multipath and receiver noise but introduces an induced bias that depends on the rate of ionospheric delay and a carrier smoothing time. However the cycle slips may easily occur during a long carrier smoothing time. Suppose carrier phase is directly used for positioning, there will be a lot of difficulty in solving the problem of integer ambiguity. A hybrid approach for pseudo range and carrier phase is given, and adopts a current statistic jerk tracking model, which makes positioning highly accurate under the condition of single point and single frequency in high dynamic situations. Besides, the delay of electric inhibition abscission layer, the troposphere delay and the transient change of the multi-path effect have little influence on signal.


Positioning, Pseudo range, Carrier phase, Tracking.


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