Fatigue Failure Monitoring in Composite Plate with a Circular Hole by Elastic Wave Propagation Method

Adam STAWIARSKI, Izabela SANETRA, Aleksander MUC


In this paper the elastic wave propagation method was used to observe the evolution of the failure form in composite multilayered plates with a circular hole. The measuring system based on two, surface-mounted piezoelectric (PZT) elements was applied. The sequential measurements of the elastic wave propagation during the fatigue test have been carried out. The Time of Flight (ToF) parameter defined as a time between guided wave excited by an actuator and the first wave captured by a sensor was introduced to observe the behavior of the defected structure. Monitoring of the (ToF) parameter during the fatigue test has been applied to estimate the state of the structure.


Fatigue failure, Wave propagation, Composite plate, Time of flight, Structural heath monitoring.


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