An Electro-hydraulic Position Control System with Dual-controller Switching

Gang CHEN, Sai CAO, Yang WU, Xin-tian JIANG


This article focuses on the improvement of the control performance of the electro-hydraulic position servo system. A three-order state feedback (3OSF) controller is designed to eliminate static error. For the purpose that overcome the inadequacy due to high order in the 3OSF control system, a weighted switching algorithm in the finite frequency domain is adopted to realize the switching control using the 3OSF-2OSF dual-controller. Experiments show that the control system using the 3OSF-2OSF dual-controller weighted switching in the finite frequency domain has better dynamic performance and static performance than the control system using the 2OSF. Comparing with the threshold switching, the developed switching algorithm has smaller switching impact.


Position servo system, Dual-controller, Finite frequency domain, Switching algorithm


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