Influence of CWCPM on Strength and Anti-Permeability of Concrete

Cuizhen Xue, Aiqin Shen, Yinchuan Guo, Hui Li


One way for utilizing construction waste brick is to synthesize construction waste composite powder materials (CWCPM) by mixing construction waste brick powder together with industrial residues and activators. This paper studied the mechanical performance and anti-permeability performance of C25 concrete constructed with CWCPM. Also studied the micro-structures of the C25 concrete via XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) test, analyzed the improvement mechanism of CWCPM to concrete strength and anti-permeability performance. The results show that the dosage of CWCPM has large impacts on the mechanical performances of the C25 concrete, and the CWCPM can improve the concrete’s anti-permeability performance by perfecting hydration products and pore structures. The best performances are obtained at CWCPM dosage of 30%.


construction waste composite powder materials; C25 concrete; mechanical performance; anti-permeability performance; microcosmic improvement mechanism


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