Pavement Mechanic Response in Sulfate Saline Soil Area Based on FSI Model

Xueying Zhao, Aiqin Shen, Yinchuang Guo, Peng Li


It is a consensus that salt heaving and frost heaving are typical distresses in the sulfate saline soil subgrade. To further investigate the mechanic response of pavement structure in sulfate saline soil area, a finite element(FE) model was established based on fluid-structure interaction(FSI) model in this paper. Then the mechanic response of the asphalt pavement under traffic loads, salt heaving and frost heaving was simulated and analyzed. It is shown that only under salt heaving and frost heaving, the tensile strength of asphalt surface course was seriously inadequate and that at the bottom of semi-rigid base course were negative, which may be helpful to crack resistance at the bottom of base courses. Besides, traffic loads could help to dramatically counteract displacement, tensile stress and strain. However, as a whole, in sulfate saline soil area, asphalt courses should strengthen crack resistance and foundation treatment.


sulfate saline soil subgrade, asphalt pavement, FEM, FSI


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