Properties of Basalt Fiber-Asphalt Mortars and Improved Mechanism

Xiao QIN, Aiqin SHEN, Yinchuan GUO, Zhenghua LV


This paper examines the physical and mechanical properties of asphalt mortar containing basalt fiber and other kinds of fibers as comparison by using different macroscopic and microscopic experimental methods. Experimental comparisons were made, in terms of adsorption performance, shear performance, crack resistance property and high temperature rheological property, between the innovative asphalt mortar made with basalt fiber and asphalt mortars made with two commonly used fibers. Then, the reinforcing mechanisms was explored by using SEM. Different types of samples with varying dosages and dimensions of the additives were studied, namely asphalt mortar with 3%, 5%, 7% and 10% of basalt fiber and that with 6mm and 9mm of basalt fiber. Laboratory test results indicate that basalt fiber have great effect on the ultimate tension and rheological properties of asphalt mortars, which derived from that basalt fibers make them forming a network structure to disperse stress and made a contribution to the stability of asphalt mixture.


Basalt fiber; Asphalt mortar; Rheological property; Ultimate tension; Reinforcing mechanism


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