The ERP Implementation Research Based on Standardized Management of Tobacco Business Enterprise

Yong JIN, Si-Rong ZHANG, Zhi-Hua ZHANG, Hai-Long LU


With the China's tobacco industry continuous changing and restructuring, tobacco companies are facing a new round of challenges and competition. This paper, take Zhejiang tobacco enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as the background, in the further deepening of enterprise reform, the situation in the tobacco industry required by the Standardization Administration of deepening business Zhejiang tobacco enterprise after consolidation and reorganization in the successful conduct of the overall information technology after planning the project, according to information of the overall blueprint for the next information integration platform to build a premise deployment; the goal is based on the overall information technology planning, designing future Zhejiang tobacco core information platform.


Tobacco, ERP, Business processes, Standardization


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