Autonomous Landing of a Fixed Wing UAV with a Ground-based Visual Guidance System

Wu Sai-fei, Wang Xin-hua, Bai Jun-jie, Tan Qing-yan


Fixed wing UAV autonomous landing guidance system needs high precision, fast tracking speed. This paper designs and built a set of Ground-based visual guidance system, which first introduces the visual landing guidance system principle, composition, analysis of the mathematical model and error analysis of the system; The Adaboost algorithm is applied to the recognition of UAV, where UAV samples and non-UAV are chosen for training cascade classifie. After the recognition of UAV, the UAV tracking system based on vision is designed. Finally, the reliability, tracking speed and precision of the system are verified by field experiments. The experimental results show that the designed landing guidance system could meet the requirements of the precise autonomous landing of a fixed wing UAV.


Fixed wing UAV; Autonomous landing; Visual guidance system; Ground-based

Publication Date

2016-12-21 00:00:00


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