Environmental Radiation Change-based Emissivity Measurement Method for Field Targets

Hui-Ming QU, Shi-Jing ZHAO, Jian DA, Zheng-Long CUI, Li-Feng LIU


Emissivity measurement is the foundation of target infrared radiation characteristic analysis. The theoretical analysis, design, and implementation results of an indirect emissivity measurement approach for field targets are presented. With a blackbody as the active radiation source, an experimental facility is established to alter environmental radiation. Experiments are performed with different samples. Results show that this approach has a maximum error of 1.9% as opposed to that of direct measurement. The experiment verifies the feasibility and accuracy of the proposed method, which could meet the actual needs of in-situ emissivity measurement. The method provides the necessary means for non-contact infrared radiation field analysis.


Infrared radiation, Emissivity, Radiation thermometry, Environmental radiation

Publication Date

2016-11-30 00:00:00


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