Product-Decode-Forward Scheme for Two-way Relay Networks

Ran Sang, Dazhuan Xu, Dachun Deng, Shengkai Xu


In this paper, we propose a new efficient Product-Decode-Forward (PDF) scheme for two-way relay networks, where two source nodes communicate with each other with the help of relay nodes. In the proposed scheme, the relay node only performs decoding once on the product of received signals from two sources and broadcasts to source nodes. The scheme can improve the performance of the two-way relay networks and has less decoding complexity compared with DF scheme. Theoretical and simulation results show that the proposed PDF scheme can provide better (bit error rate) BER performance and achieve more channel capacity compared with Product-Forward (PF) scheme.


Two-way; product; decode; BER

Publication Date

2016-11-18 00:00:00


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