Performance Simulation on the Secondary Hydraulic Lifting System of the Excavator Bucket

Fa-ye ZANG, Zheng-hong CHEN, Xiang-zhen KONG


The flow coupled secondary hydraulic lifting system of the excavator bucket was presented, also its structure and working principle. The fuzzy-neural network control strategy which was combination of fuzzy control and neural network has been adopted, and the math model of the lifting system is established, then the simulations of the performance of the lifting system has been conducted. The flow coupled hydraulic system with secondary regulation can regenerate gravitational energy of load. By controlling the hydraulic accumulator, the process controlling of the energy recycling and reusing has been realized. The system pressure range was expanded, and the energy reusing effect and efficiency were improved.


Excavator, Lifting system, Fuzzy-neural network control, Performance simulation

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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