Diesel Engine Physical Modeling Based on KIVA-3V and Optimization by PSO Algorithm for Control

Hao-yu ZHANG, Ogai Harutoshi, Li-dan ZHOU


Nowadays, the diesel engine is commonly used in industry and automobile because of its high efficiency. But there are still some problems like the emission and CO2 product need be paid more attention on. In research field people try to use advance control methods to improve diesel engine performance. Simulation becomes important in engine research which is time saving and can observe the inside reaction and parameters. This paper uses two common simulation methods: one is the three dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model and the other is the MATLAB program for engine control. PSO algorithm is used to find the optimal value and can be verified by KIVA-3V. Simulation result verify that optimal method improved MATLAB program speed and optimal value by PSO can do computational fluid dynamics analysis to let diesel engine run in better condition.


KIVA-3V, Diesel engine, PSO, Physical model

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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