Numerical Investigation on Springback of 22MnB5 Steel in Hot Stamping

Dong-cheng LI, Guo-hui WANG, Hua-min LIU, Qing-min CHEN


The springback of 22MnB5 steel in hot forming was investigated using simulation of AUTO-FORM, and a mechanics model is presented to analysis spring-back. The results show that temperature is key parameter to affect the springback of 22MnB5 steel in hot forming. Raising temperature is effective method controlled the springback in hot forming of 22MnB5 steel. When temperature is below 300℃, the thickness of sheet has influence on the springback. While temperature is over 500℃, the effect of the thickness of the sheet on springback is not significant. Blank holder force, friction coefficient, punch radius, strain rate have little effect on the springback in sheet metal forming for 22MnB5 steel.


Springback, High strength steel, Simulation

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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