Improving the Productivity of Industrial Systems: A Simulation-Based Case Study

Ana Luísa RAMOS, José Vasconcelos FERREIRA, Fábio BERNARDES, Fernando NUNES


The modern Industrial Engineering deals with complex engineering systems which require a holistic approach to reinforce their efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Deliver high-quality customized products is mandatory while maintaining high levels of productivity so, the operations managers are continuously evaluating their systems in order to improve them. These improvements are usually action based and rely on decision processes with inherent trade-offs. So, methods and tools to support these decision-making processes are essential to operations managers in order to help them to choose the best course of action. This paper reports a real-world industry case study illustrating the advantages of using simulation to analyze the current systems and to evaluate different scenarios regarding productivity improvements.


Case study, Decision support, Productivity, Simulation

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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