Static Analysis of Gantry Crane—Preliminary Study

Katarina MONKOVA, Peter MONKA, Maria KACALOVA, Marek URBAN


The article deals with the static analysis of truss structures, focused on the specification of maximum load applied at the gantry crane. Due to the verification of authors’ computer skills in software Robot Structural Analysis, the simple planar truss structure was investigated at which also analytical method was used. The results were comparable, so the gantry crane as 3D truss could be preliminary studied. The first strain analysis of crane has shown that the primary design of the structure was not acceptable and the construction would not be able sustain nor own hoist. Therefore, the truss was reinforced by additional bars and new remodelled gantry crane could be tested to specify the maximum load of external weight.


Truss structure, Static analysis, Crane, Axial forces, Bars, Maximum load

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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