Research on Control System for Automated Laying/Stitching Process of Carbon Brake Disc Preform

Lin LIU, Jun-wei QI, Jun XIAO, Yong LI


To meet the special requirement for automation process of carbon brake disc perform, an exclusive control system for carbon-carbon (C/C) composite automated laying/stitching (ALS) method is established. Based on an open hardware architecture, a industrial computer and a motion controller PMAC are adopted to achieve the main function of the whole system. Time based mode from PMAC is applied to the software system, which have solved the problem for the special mechanism among axes running together during the automatic laying/stitch process. A mathematical model is proposed for the motion trajectory planning problem of ALS system and both the optimized solution and approximate one is given.


Carbon-carbon composite, Brake disc perform, ALS, Time-based control

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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