Experimental Evaluation on Fuel Economy and Emissions of a HEB

Teng-teng LI, Kong-jian QIN, Xiao-jun JING, Xiong CHEN


The working principle of a novel power-split powertrain was introduced. And then a novel power-split HEB was tested on chassis dynamometer to valid fuel economy and emission reduction. Test results showed that, this system could improve the fuel economy by 34.9%, and improve NOx emission by 23.2%, and PM by 29.4%. From the point of correction method of fuel consumption and emission, compared with Linear regression correction way, the usual correction method (1L fuel consumption =3.02g/kW.h electricity consumption) is not suitable for the correction of fuel consumption. The Linear regression correction way may be not the best method for the correction of emission.


Dual plane teary gears, Hybrid, city bus, Correction, Fuel consumption, Emission

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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