Dynamic Characteristics Analysis and Structural Noise Prediction of Bridge Crane

Jin-hong ZHANG, Teng-jiao LIN, Wen LIU, Yun YANG


Taking the gear time-varying mesh stiffness, damping, transmission error and so on into consideration, and calculate stiffness excitation, error excitation, meshing impact excitation of every gear pair, to determine the internal dynamic excitation of gear system. Establish a dynamic finite element model of a coupled gear-rotor-bearing-housing gear system, and obtain the vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration of the gear system by modal superposition technique method, so as to predict structure noise accurately. The results show that the frequency response and the peak value of the structure noise all appear at gear meshing frequency and their multiples. In fact, this method can not only understand the comprehensive vibration characteristics of the bridge crane, but also provides a necessary foundation for the vibration and noise reduction design of gear system.


Bridge crane, Dynamic excitation, Dynamic characteristics, Finite element method

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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