The Design of a Portable Control Module Based on TMS320C6748 and FPGA

Qing-zhong JIA, Zong-rui LIU


This paper proposes a portable control module based on TMS320C6748 and FPGA. We take advantage of the rich interface resources of TMS320C6748, including LCD/DDR2/Ethernet/ EMIF/uPP etc. And we also use FPGA plus the PCI bridge chip, UART transceiver and CAN transceiver to realize the system control module. This control module includes interactive module, memory module and communication module. The control module has the characteristics of low power consumption, high reliability and low cost. It can replace the general-purpose CPU board in the field of portable test and meet the resources and performance requirements. So it has great application value.


TMS320C6748, FPGA, Control module, Portable

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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