A Design of Wipe Glass Robot

Xin WEI, Zi-jian YANG


Along with the progress of era, the development of social economy, more and more high-rise buildings appear in the metropolis. The high-rise building glass cleaner is a dangerous and demanding task. The traditional artificial cleaning method is not only the high cost, low efficiency, and very dangerous. Wipe glass apparatus of innovation and design of the robot are indispensable. Along with the improvement of robot technology, a variety of robot, this to solve the problem of high-rise building glass cleaning supplies a good idea, improve work efficiency, and has certain using value. People also pay more and more attention to intelligent and automation. I designed a fully automatic car wipe glass, simple structure, stable and reliable, easy to operate. The car is running and the glass can be polished to the medial and lateral.


Wipe glass, Automatic car, Automation

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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