Design and Application of Dynamic Control System Based on Fuzzy Self-adaptive PID for Secondary Cooling of Billet Continuous Casting

Wen-hong LIU, Jian YANG, Zhi XIE


The continuous casting process is used for the solidification of molten steel into semi-finished shapes. To improve billet quality and the trackability and stability of secondary cooling water during continuous casting, the tundish temperature was introduced into the water distribution for secondary cooling to design the relevant control system, based on the water distribution model, tundish temperature, surface temperature and fuzzy self-adaptive PID. The solidification model calculated the prime water distribution according to procedure parameters. And the other two control strategies adjusted it on line. The control system has been applied on some caster and the effect is obvious, which indicates that the dynamic control system is better than the conventional open-loop system.


Billet continuous casting, Secondary cooling, Tundish temperature, Control system, fuzzy self-adaptive PID

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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