Fluctuation Characteristic Analysis of the Swash Plate Axial Piston Pump Based on AMESim

Jing-jing BAI, Guo-qiang HE, Yang LIU


On the basis of analyzing the working principle of the swashplate axial piston pump, based on the AMESim simulation platform, establishing the key components simulation models including the piston pump flowplate, the connector of swashplate and piston, swash plate control structure. In addition, use components of AMESim signal library to establish the complete piston pump model. By changing piston pump model parameters such as the export volume, the number of piston, the swash plate inclined angle, piston diameter, leakage crack size, operating simulation to get piston pump outlet flow and pressure fluctuation characteristic curve. The results show that piston pump pressure fluctuation can be reduced when increasing the piston pump export volume. Reducing the swash plate inclined angle, increasing the number of piston and reducing piston pump leakage can lessen the piston pump outlet flow fluctuation. Moreover, the relationship between the piston diameter and flow fluctuation is not obvious.


Piston pump, AMESim, Simulation

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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