Research of the Influence of Loading Frequency on the Fatigue Property of FV520B-I and Establishment of Fatigue Conversion Model

Jin-long WANG, Yuan-liang ZHANG, Bo-wen SHI, Qing-chen ZHAO, Qing-chao SUN, Zhao ZHANG


Fatigue property of FV520B-I can be affected by the changing of the loading frequency. However few theories about neither the experimental data correction nor the fatigue conversion model for FV520B-I has ever been proposed. Both ultrasonic experiment and conventional experiment are conducted out to obtain the fatigue data. An FV520B-I empirical fatigue life conversion model is established with a fitting algorithm based on the experimental data. Also the fatigue strength correction coefficients of FV520B-I are obtained and a new material frequency correction factor is introduced to modify the coefficients. The FV520B-I fatigue conversion models are established with comprehensive use of the correction factor. This investigation for FV520B-I is novel and has an important significance in the remanufacturing engineering for FV520B-I.


Ultrahigh loading frequency, FV520B-I, Fatigue strength, Fatigue conversion model

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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