Design of Soybean Milk Machine Control System based on STC89C52

Ya-gang SUN, Yue ZHANG, Zhi-gang YANG, Rui-cheng ZHANG, Xiao-wei SHEN


Aiming at making soybean milk machine efficiently, hardware circuit and software are designed. The design of soybean milk machine is based on STC89C52 single chip, using AD sampling to detect the water level, and temperature sensor to detect temperature. Hardware system consist six main modules: temperature detection module, water level detection module, LCD module, key module, heating and polishing module and alarming module. The paper presents electrical schematic and diagrams of printed circuit board. The design is practical. The product has great market potentials.


STC89C52 single ship, Soybean milk machine, Hardware design, Software design

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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