Research on Urban Power Grid Harmonic Source Location Based on Harmonic Transmission

You-hua JIANG, Shu-jin TIAN, Jian CHANG


Based on the analysis of parameter identification of harmonic state estimation and harmonic source localization on fundamental theory, urban power grid harmonic transmission model is established, and by using harmonic transmission rule, preliminary determine the harmonic source area, effectively reduce the dimension of harmonic state estimation and calculation workload. Then using intelligent methods and data reliability security strategy, automatic identification and acquisition of harmonic currents, improve the quality of data, effectively prevent the harmonic current of nonlinear and measurement noise vector's influence on the harmonic state estimation. Finally, a case is given to prove the correctness and feasibility of the theory in this paper.


Urban power grid, Harmonic source location, Harmonic transmission

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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