Research on the Construction Scheme of Oversize Transmission Overhead Lines Stringing

Ming JIANG, Hai-feng ZHU, Yong MA, Liang LIU, Kai LIU


In order to carry out the construction scheme of oversize transmission overhead lines stringing successfully, the paper has done research on the construction scheme by the example of Su Tong oversize Transmission Overhead Lines so that a general scheme can be formed and promoted the use. As a result, the tension of wires and pulling ropes was obtained according to the formula of tension calculation giving and then achieved the selection of pulling rope and wires. Finally, the paper developed a strategy for the construction of oversize Transmission Overhead Lines Stringing. The research will play a key role in the general construction scheme of Oversize Transmission Overhead Lines Long Span in the future.


Large transmission, Construction scheme, The selection of pulling rope

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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