Study on the Influence of the Center of Gravity of an Under-Chassis Equipment on the Dynamic Performance of High Speed EMU Trains

Bing LI


In order to consider the influence of the center of gravity of an under-chassis equipment on the dynamic performance of high speed EMU trains, the equipment is considered as a rigid body with six degrees of freedom, the vibration of six degrees of freedom of the vehicle equipment is decoupled by using the energy decoupling theory. Based on the platform of Matlab software, the software for the optimal design of the suspension parameters of the under-chassis equipment is developed. Results show that the developed software can complete the function set. Each order of the rigid vibration mode of the equipment can be decoupled well. The reduction effect of the designed suspension system is remarkable, and the carbody vibration condition has been effectively improved.


High-speed EMU trains, Center of gravity offset, Suspension system, Energy decoupling

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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