Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Cracks on Tire

Jun-fei WU, Rui-qing LIU, Cheng-lin DU, Zhu-wen SHAO, Zhao-peng DU, Peng WANG


The cracks on the carcass turn-up end of the 11.00R20 tire bead are common default, unstable crack growth can lead to tire failure. It accounts for a large part of tire damage. In this paper, based on multiscale finite element method, a sub-model with semicircle crack was created in tire bead, based on mechanics of fracture, the impact on the J- integral and tearing energy of the crack in the tire bead is obtained under different inflation pressure, based on tearing energy, the longevity of the tire which has the crack in the tire bead was calculated, the danger of excessive charge pressure to the tire life was concluded.


11.00R20 tire, Cracks, Multiscale finite element, J-integral, Tearing energy G, Life prediction

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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