Research on Different Load Impact Emissions on Euro VI Heavy Duty Vehicles

Chang-yuan WANG, Yong GUO, Yi-long SUN


In this paper, there are two heavy duty vehicles that meet Euro VI emission standards are be analyzed. Two vehicles are equipped with different post-processing system. The first vehicle using DPF+SCR+DOC technology roadmap, the other one using EGR+DPF+SCR+DOC technology roadmap. This experiment is carried out using heavy-duty chassis dynamometer, and the vehicles which are set up different loads run C-WTVC driving cycle. Emissions test equipment using CVS full flow dilution sampling system measures vehicle emissions. This paper focuses on the analysis of gaseous pollutants and particles, and the effect of EGR technology for NOx emissions and the original engine emissions under different loads. Due to extremely low levels reached Euro VI emission standards. The results showed that THC, CO and PM, PN emissions largely unaffected by the different load. On the other hand, the load has a certain influence on NOx emissions. In addition, whether the vehicle uses EGR technology, the impact on vehicle emissions are different.


Heavy duty vehicle, Vehicle emission, NOx, Europe VI, EGR

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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