Shape Optimization of Wheel on Fatigue Failure

Ke-zhi LINGHU, Bao-liang XIAO, Zi-yuan LIN, Yun-cheng NING, Feng-qin WANG, Lin-xin NING


Based on the basic truck steel wheel shape design, revised designs such as vent-hole-changed and profile-modified were proposed to solve the common fatigue failure problems. Both basic and modified design were modeled using Abaqus 3D software to calculate the stress and strain contours in the case of bending load and radial load, consequently fatigue life contours of models for each load case were calculated with the help of Brown-Miller biaxial fatigue theory. It was shown by the research that shape-optimization of wheel profile, increasing volume by 2.4%, can extend both the bending fatigue life and the radial fatigue life by 73.8% and 289% respectively.


Fatigue failure, Abaqus, Wheel, Shape, Optimization

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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