The Preservation of the Ancient Chinese Books Using Different Folding Cases

Li ZENG, Ding YANG, Yi-fei WANG


In order to deal with the acidification problem which mainly influences the life of ancient Chinese books preserved in many libraries and museums, to employ folding cases can directly protect them apart from the other conservation measures such as the environment control technology and restoration technology of the ancient books. Most traditional folding cases are made of the straw cardboard which is short-life, easy-moth, easy-mildew and acidified gradually. Compared with the traditional material, the new type acid-free paper bears an outstanding advantage in terms of durability and protecting environment. Analyzing the forms of the folding cases and their cultural connections with the ancient books, this paper made a conclusion that using acid-free paper folding cases by machine with the traditional Four Sets form is an effective and efficient way to conserve ancient books due to the perfect combination of the acid-free material and the classical folding case form.


Ancient books, Folding case, Preservation, Acid-Free Paper

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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