The Removal Efficiency of PM2.5 with Different Particle Size of Dust Removers

Song-song ZHANG, Guo-li QI, Jian GUAN, Shuang PAN, Juan LI, Qian DU, Jian-min GAO


In the present test, the particle concentration in each particle size range of PM2.5 was monitored in the front and rear of dust collector using electrical low pressure impactor, and it was found that electrostatic precipitator has a higher removal efficiency of PM2.5, and the removal efficiency is the lowest when the range of particle size is 0.1~1.0μm, which is the transition zone between the two kinds of dust removal mechanism, diffusion one and charge one. The bag filter has the lowest removal efficiency for the particle with the size of 0.3μm, and the dust of the bag surface increases the effect of particle collision, interception and diffusion, which improves the efficiency of dust removal. The water film dust collector’s removal efficiency for the PM2.5 is lower, and the minimum removal efficiency occurs at 0.12μm particle diameter which is located at the transition area of two kinds of dust removal mechanism, the diffusion and the collision one, and the interception one.


Dust removers; PM2.5; Removal efficiency; Removal mechanism

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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