Electromagnetic Shielding Material Effects on the Ordnance Store Protection

Wen-geng PAN, Fan-cheng KONG, Hong-hai ZHANG, Guang-rong BIAN, Yan-lei ZHANG


A kind of entity modeling and simulation method of the electromagnetic shielding research is put forward based on the FEKO software for ammunition warehouse wall with different properties and thickness of protective coatings. Simulation shows that it can significantly improve the high frequency electromagnetic field shielding effectiveness for adding the carbon powder, steel fiber and other conductive materials in the concrete, but not much effect on low frequency electromagnetic field. Metal coating with low electrical conductivity of the composite coating has higher shielding effectiveness with increase of the external electromagnetic field frequency and intensity, it has high shielding effectiveness for metal coating with low conductivity of the composite coating. The shielding effectiveness is gradually reduced for seam hole, but at 0.7 ~ 0.8 GHz resonance occurs, the shielding effectiveness of the worst, the shielding effectiveness on the Ordnance depot has a effect for reinforced steel bar mesh size and network mode, and the diameter of hole seam shape and size, it provides technical support and method for the ammunition electromagnetic protection etc.


Ordnance depot, Wall, Shielding effectiveness, Electromagnetic protection

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00


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